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 Dean's Message
Today's students are the architects of tomorrow. To meet the challenges of this in a changing world, teeming with cutting edge technology and relentless competition, today's graduates must also be determined, but flexible, clever and resolute. India has a need to produce graduates who will lead us to an industrial and technological renaissance.
Our Mission Objective demands that we do not remain merely another entrant in the sea of private initiatives for higher education in India but also evolve into an acclaimed player in the transmission and dissemination of knowledge, research and technology in India.
With our stated goal the Lucknow Vidya Peeth will provide assistance, encouragement, resources and the legitimacy necessary to establish the backbone of credible research in the socio-economic development of India. Naturally, these initiatives include a level of reality absent in the traditional landscape. Relevant industry recognition and international appreciation will be the focus of the Lucknow Vidya Peeth in the years to come. Desired close liaison and cooperation with leading companies in the nation and abroad will be pursued, achieved and consistently maintained.
The LVP has implemented a wide range of options to train students in different areas of expertise through teaching, research and extension.
It is a matter of time before Lucknow Vidya Peeth is in the hearts and minds of prospective students and parents. So, join us to help Lucknow Vidya Peeth build the LVP conduit for our vision - share the experience together.
Lucknow Vidya Peeth
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