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  The Examinations will be conducted twice in a year.  
  • The medium of the examination will be English only.
  • The prescribed Examination Fee must be paid together with the Admission / Registration / Re-registration Form.
  • Each candidate will be examined according to the scheme and will review the program approved by the LVP of Lucknow Vidya Peeth. Lucknow Vidya Peeth reserves the right to change the course / program when deemed appropriate and / or necessary.
  • The examination will be held only in our accredited and licensed centers.
  • The exam schedule will be posted on the website of the LVP and also at our centers and will be approved prior to the exam. The Schedule of Examinations and the dates for issue of Admission Cards will be sent directly to students and centers. If a candidate does not receive any information with reference to the above, he/she should immediately contact the Study Centre / Admission and Counseling centers.
  • In some cases candidate/s are given numbers that provide provisional eligibility. This is when documentation is not submitted or is being verified. However, this is not confirmation of admission, and admission may be canceled if any deficiencies are found at any stage

Evaluation Criteria

  The rating system is as follows:  
  • Internal Evaluation - 40 percent
  • Practical Examination - as planned
  • End of Term Examination - 60 percent
  • Each document is composed of 100 points.
  Continuous assessment is done through assignments, practical and viva at the Centre where the respective candidates were registered. The Final Exam will be conducted by Lucknow Vidya Peeth at the end of the semester/Year. The performance of a candidate will be evaluated based on Internal Assessment and Final Examination independent of each other.  
  Applicants are required to pass the Internal / External Examinations separately by obtaining at least 40% minimum marks in each segment and 40% overall to pass the semester.  


  A candidate may request a reassessment. This will be through an application and for a prescribed fee of Rs. 300/- per paper. The Application should be submitted within 15 days from the date of dispatch of the result sheet by the Centre concerned. The Centre should send the same immediately to the Lucknow Vidya Peeth. Applications for revaluation of copies because of the response(s) or paper back-log(s) will not be accepted.  

Internal and Practical Assessment

  • The applicant must submit the assignment for each course per semester at the Centre.
  • The Practical Examinations (wherever applicable) will be held at the Centre where the student is enrolled.
  • Internal and Practical Assessment marks should be sent separately by the centers in the prescribed format in paper and electronic copies to reach the LVP of Lucknow Vidya Peeth, at least 10 days before the start of the examination.
  • In case of late submission of an assignment, Rs. 150/- per assignment will be billed by the LVP for a maximum period of one month after the last date of submission of the assignment. After that the student will be ineligible.

Internal Assessment for Projects

  • Applicants must submit Project Summaries to the Head of their Center, with their contact details, the Title of the Program, the Code of the Centre, Registration Number etc. no later than the predetermined date.
  • The Head of the Centre will decide the date for submission of Project Reports and the date for submission of Project / Demonstration.
  • Draft reports should be submitted in both hard and electronic copies.
  • The Project undertaken by a candidate must be his original work.
  • Project costs of Rs. 500/- will be charged by the LVP. In case of late submission of the draft a fee of Rs. 300/- will be charged for a maximum period of one month after the last date for submission of Project. After that the student will be ineligible.
  • Internal Evaluation – the Final Result of a candidate is based on 40% weightage to Internal Assessment and 60% weightage to the Theory Test by Lucknow Vidya Peeth. Internal Evaluation is based on the Assignment, Practical Training and other academic activities of the candidates in their respective centers.
  • Practical Examination - practical tests, wherever applicable, will be performed in centre under the direction and supervision of the Comptroller of the Review of the LVP.
  • Applicants are required to transmit each segment of the independent review by obtaining at least 40% marks.
  • After declaring the results, they will be communicated to the head of the Center. The results will be available on the website of Lucknow Vidya Peeth.
  • The LVP reserves the right to refuse to conduct a search, as it deems appropriate, and take appropriate action against the applicant and / or the center, where information supplied by the applicant and verification by the center is incorrect or misleading or false beyond reasonable doubt.
  • The LVP will send the score sheet directly to the respective Study Centers for distribution to students.

Results and Issue of Duplicate Mark Car

  Lucknow Vidya Peeth reserves the right to refuse to follow the investigation as it deems appropriate and take appropriate action against the applicant and / or Central in the case of information furnished by the candidate and verified by the Center happens to be incorrect / false beyond a reasonable doubt.  
  Lucknow Vidya Peeth announces the results and uploads them to the website and sends the Result Sheet directly to the respective centre. For the issue of duplicates of any accounting document, an FIR with the police station with the relevant jurisdiction is a prerequisite.  
  Each request for a duplicate of the document and a copy of the FIR shall be submitted to the LVP Center by the person duly verified along with a fee of Rs. 300/-.  
  Each time a correction is requested, the application for the same must be sent with a photocopy of the document duly corrected in red ink as the original, unaltered, without which the application is inadmissible  

Provisional Certificate

  A candidate who has successfully completed all semesters / years of a course may request an interim certificate by submitting the following :  
  • A request to the Centre, to be forwarded to the Lucknow Vidya Peeth.
  • All eligibility documents, duly notarized / attested stamped and signed by the head of the Centre and self attested by the candidate.
  • A provisional certificate issued by Lucknow Vidya Peeth will bear the appropriate seal and signature of the authorized official, without which the certificate will not be considered a valid document.
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