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Education is Success for Life.
The composition of the logo is such that it directs the attention to the center, which is the lamp. Learning is central to success, which is achieved most certainly and easily through education. The lamp is symbolic of education, success as well as life.
The tools of learning and education are placed in the foreground. These are the quill and the pen. Both these also epitomize evolution and growth because quills were an old-fashioned means of researching and recording. The modern fountain pen was invented in 1884 by Lewis E. Waterman and the ball-point pen in 1888 by John Loud. These are great improvements on the old writing implements like the quill and the reed. Just as the world has moved forward to using the fountain pen and the ball-point pen, LVP acknowledges that the modes of investigation, learning, pedagogy and education have also changed with the increase in knowledge and the concomitant development of new and more effective tools.
The notebook, of course is the medium in which information is recorded and stored. It also is metaphorical of the most modern of recording and storage devices – the computer. As all of us are aware, the recording, storage, documentation and retrieval of information are of the greatest of importance in today’s world.
Compositely, the logo is a dynamic statement of learning and education that are solidly entrenched in the best of tradition and are contiguously strengthened by the latest findings and discoveries.
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