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 Our Mission

Objectives at Lucknow Vidya Peeth

  • To generate new knowledge through advanced research.
  • To promote academic excellence.
  • To integrate new concepts and practices in science and technology in all relevant aspects of human development.
  • To identify areas of national need and international specialization and focus on growth in this context.
  • To develop within the Institution a global perspective in a manner that it will provide networking opportunities with other institutions across borders.
  • To emphasize value-oriented education aimed at developing the total human personality.
  • Our Mission Goal is to enhance our role as a key player in the transmission and dissemination of knowledge, research and technology in India. The recognition and acclaim of the world are the backbone of the LVP of Lucknow Vidya Peeth. Close liaison and cooperation with leading companies in the national and the international scenario will be achieved by clear procedures and commonality of purpose.

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