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 Study of Commerce & Economics
The field of Commerce describes and studies business transactions involving the sales of goods by producers to consumers. The Social Science of Economics has a broader scope and examines the ways in which individuals, businesses and entire societies allocate limited resources. Commerce falls within the scope of Economics, but the subject matter of Economics extends far beyond Commerce.
The two disciplines share clear similarities and areas of overlap. But Commerce and Economics also have important differences. Although Economics, like Commerce, looks at issues of trade in an open market system (in which consumers interact with producers) Economics explores broader issues. Commerce, for the most part, confines its scope to the arena of business, while Economics explores not only business, but also associated issues that pertain to public policy and daily life. These also incorporate concerns ranging from environmental conservation to the division of labor in a family because these matters have economic dimensions.
A degree in Commerce, such as the Bachelor of Commerce degree would include studies in Business Economics, Quantitative Analytical Methods and Organizational Theory. These studies are designed and intended to prepare students for business careers or for further study in Economics or business.
As a field, Economics has a broad number of sub-fields or specialties in which those studying the field can concentrate their studies on and specialize in. Specialties within Economics include Business Economics, International Economics, Public Economics, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Economic History, Health Economics and Public Finance.
Program Details
Study of Commerce & Economics
Study of Commerce & Economics
  S/No. Courses Duration (in yrs) Eligibility
  1 M.Com 2 Graduation
  2 M.A. Economics 2 Graduation
  3 B.Com (Hons) 3 10 + 2
  4 B.A. Economics 3 10 + 2
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