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 Study of Engineering and Technology
Engineering is important to every country and has great potential for growth. In a developing country such as India, however, it is doubly important, as it contributes at once to both national wealth and modernity. After decades of striving India has emerged in the world market bringing the weight of its resources to bear as a new industrial giant.
We, at the Department of Engineering in Lucknow Vidya Peeth, promote in our students the sense of questioning and learning with full understanding. They understand that learning without understanding is no learning at all. We are committed to educate young people not only in technical areas but work for overall personal development of an individual. The outcome is in terms of trained engineers who are not only well versed in technical concepts, but are also equipped with skills of leadership, management and organizational behavior. Application oriented learning is one of the distinctive features characterizing the approach to education at Department of Engineering. All courses are designed and delivered to relate theoretical study to real life situations and day-to-day practical applications. Our course structure is designed in such a way that student enjoy the legacy of reading all core subjects related to hard core engineering and also study optional subjects, thus nourishing their hobbies which are a part of their personality. It is our firm belief that value based learning has far greater relevance in a dynamic and ever changing work environment and we ensure this through easy accessibility to faculty guidance, firm assurance of staff support and a caring and nurturing environment.
Scope of Study
Why a diploma in Engineering?
  • Diploma Holders are the key personnel for industrial growth at the grass-root level. They are required to cater to the needs of large industrial sectors    where there is a dire necessity to fill middle/lower management cadre to control a large number of employees and to maintain equipment.
  • Based on their ability, students completing the Diploma Course are absorbed by various industries and other technical organizations within India and abroad.
  • Diploma holders can also become self-employed and start their own business as technical professionals as they have practical skills.
  • As per the norms of the Lucknow Vidya Peeth, Diploma holders are eligible for lateral entry to the third semester of the Engineering Course.
  • The student will need to study a total of 6 years (3 years Diploma + 3 years Engineering) to complete his graduation.
  • The option of utilizing, earn while you learn scheme. Diploma Holders can thus work, attend an evening engineering college and complete their degree program.
  • The Diploma Holders can carve out a niche for themselves in the highly competitive technical society of India today.
Study of Engineering and Technology
Study of Engineering & Technology
  S/No. Courses Duration (in yrs) Eligibility
  1 M.Tech (Bio Medical Engineering) 2 B.E/B.Tech
  2 M.Tech (Biotechnology) 2 B.E/B.Tech
  3 M.Tech (Computer and Information Technology) 2 B.E/B.Tech
  4 M.Tech Mechanical  Engineering (Machine Design) 2 B.E/B.Tech
  5 M.Tech (Refrigeration and Air-conditioning) 2 B.E/B.Tech
  6 M.Tech (Thermal Engineering) 2 B.E/B.Tech
  7 M.Tech (VLSI Design) 2 B.E/B.Tech
  8 B.Tech (Automobile Engineering) 4 10 + 2 or Diploma
  9 B.Tech (Biotechnology) 4 10 + 2 or Diploma
  10 B.Tech (Civil Engineering) 4 10 + 2 or Diploma
  11 B.Tech (Computer Science and Engineering) 4 10 + 2 or Diploma
  12 B.Tech (Electrical and Electronics Engineering) 4 10 + 2 or Diploma
  13 B.Tech (Electrical Engineering) 4 10 + 2 or Diploma
  14 B.Tech (Electronics and Communication Engineering) 4 10 + 2 or Diploma
  15 B.Tech (Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering) 4 10 + 2 or Diploma
  16 B.Tech (Information Technology) 4 10 + 2 or Diploma
  17 B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) 4 10 + 2 or Diploma
  18 B.Tech (Textile Engineering) 4 10 + 2 or Diploma
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