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 Study of Insurance & Risk Management
The insurance industry is on a path of tremendous growth in terms of new and innovative products, new and improved services. With it has emerged the need for a new breed of leaders of insurance who are able to manage emerging scenarios of insurance. The companies look into their future employees' strategic direction and strong analytical skills.
The LVP aims at student achievement by establishing standards of the first order in the sector of Insurance Management Education and supporting the students with all the knowledge and skills necessary to develop a hardcore professional with a global perspective who can confidently face the challenge of an always volatile business environment.
The sector is now witnessing an explosive growth due to the entry of the private sector and is aware of the current needs of industry. The courses at both graduate and post-graduate levels offered by the Study engender new standards of excellence in Insurance Education. In this we are aided by the best insurance professionals and managers with a rich mixture of theory and practice of contemporary management skills.
The study of insurance and risk management provides students with an understanding of non-speculative risk management methods. Emphasis is placed on developing tools for risk management and insurance to reduce the impact of the financial loss. Students are also introduced to the complexity of the mechanism of insurance.
Operates under the diverse and sometimes conflicting interests of private enterprise and public policy. Course structures and postgraduate levels have mixed general management topics and subjects of Insurance Management for the merger of general education management with specialized expertise. Students are exposed to legal principles, actuarial, financial and economic tenets underlying corporate governance and risk management sector with specific application to individual problems, economic and social. In addition, the functional areas of insurance such as management companies' investment policy, financing, marketing, pricing, underwriting, etc. are explored in depth. The functions and strategies of Risk Management and Insurance Theory are considered in a context of legal, regulatory and economic change.
Study of Insurance & Risk Management
S/No. Courses Duration (in yrs) Eligibility
1 Bachelor of Insurance and Risk Management 3 10 + 2
2 MBA - Insurance and Risk Management 2 Graduation
3 Post Graduate Diploma in Insurance and Risk Management 1 Graduation
Study of Insurance & Risk Management
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