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 Why Lucknow Vidya Peeth ?
At Lucknow Vidya Peeth, we place great importance on developing a mature approach to learning in which students are encouraged to challenge conventional wisdom, manage complexity and to enjoy difference and diversity.We have pioneered the development of new knowledge, scientific understanding and professional practice to promote innovation in programs and support sustainable development of enterprises.
The main objectives of Lucknow Vidya Peeth are:
  • Providing educational opportunities for students who could not avail themselves of the traditional institutions of higher education.
  • To ensure equal educational opportunities for higher education in the distance mode for much of the population, including those in employment, women (including housewives) and adults who want to further their education or acquire knowledge and studies in various fields.
  • The program is constantly updated with the business environment changing nationally and internationally. The emphasis is on creating a "modular" way of teaching, which includes the participation of both faculty and industry experts.
  • We at LVP believe that meaningful learning is possible only when there is direct communication between the faculty and the students.
  • To arrange for and facilitate research, promotion and propagation of knowledge.
  • To develop higher levels of intellectual ability.
  • To pursue any other objectives that may be approved by the State Government.
  • To provide rigorous, team-oriented programs based on real-world learning experiences and leadership development.
  • Collaborate with agencies, professional associations of industries in India and abroad to conceptualize, design and develop training, research programs, including student and faculty exchange programs.
  • To provide distance learning and continuing education programs.
  • To create centers of excellence for research and development.
  • To provide advice to industry, public sector agencies and the private sector.
  • To award students of the Institute diplomas, charters, certificates and other academic distinctions on the basis of examinations or other assessment methods.
  • To ensure that the standard of degrees, diplomas, certificates and other academic qualifications are in compliance with the statutes of the statutory bodies and the Central Government.
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